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We know that hogs need more than food and water. Little extras add up to make a big difference in their lives. We’re raising them to higher standards by giving them what they want and need, with forward-thinking initiatives.

Our goal has been to provide the best, natural feed, clean and organic Wild Boar meat through trapping and eradication of nuisance Boar that destroy crops or endanger other natural indigenous wildlife.

 We treat the animals with the utmost of respect once in our control. We feed them clean, natural diets. We manage the boars with highly educated and experienced Swine Management Specialist.

Why choose Shogun Farms? To enjoy the finest tasting, naturally raised, wild caught Pork/Boar meat available. In a country of processed foods, hormones, grain fed animals and genetically modified this is the best choice for you and your family.

We produce premium pork for those who want the best meat at a reasonable price. Taste it for yourself, and enjoy!


Swamp Mountain outfitters is a privately owned hunting and hog eradication service located in Tampa, Florida.  We are fully insured to trap and catch Feral Hogs which are becoming a huge problem throughout Florida. Not only are they dangerous animals but they are very destructive.

We use Dogo Argentinos and Jagd Terriers to catch and hold the quarry until they relinquish them to us. We are a registered Feral Swine Dealer and can legally transport live feral hogs within the state of Florida. The Feral Hogs or Wild Pigs can be kept for your barbecuing pleasure or we can take them.

Our services include:

  • Feral hog eradication
  • Feral hog trapping
Are you a Trapper? We will buy your wild hogs.

Instead of killing ’em, hunt ’em, trap ’em, load ’em and bring them to us. Anyone interested in becoming a trapper or contractor should contact us.


What our customers are saying

The Farm is quite impressive. For me knowing that Shogun treats the animals with that level of care made me comfortable with trying new products. I was super happy with my delivery and have been ordering ever since.

The quality of meat is awesome. I especially like the acorn finished meat. I’m looking forward to our next shipment.

One of the cleanest farms I have ever come across.